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  • Coral Bark Jap. Maple

  • Assorted varieties of a 15 gallon trees are our specialty

  • Royal Crabapple 15g

  • Royal Raindrops Crabapple Flowers and Buds

  • Cedrus Dedodara Feelin' Blue

  • Chamacyparis Pisifera Gold Mop

  • Thuja x Green Giant

  • Lindera Angustifolia

  • Acer pal. var. Dissectum 'Tamukeyama' ( Different Varieties and Sizes)

  • Thuja Hetz Midget

  • Buxus Microphylla var. Japonica Wintergreen

  • Autumn Fire Azalea Encore 3g

  • Kings Gold Cypress 3g

  • Gardena Jasminoides Frostproof

  • Nandina Domestica Gulfstream

  • Abelia Grandiflora Rose Creek

  • Rhododendron Nova Zembia 3g

  • Summer crop of ornamental grasses

  • Color Guard Yucca

  • Thuja Ember Waves

  • Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd (Emerald Green Arborvitae)

  • Magnolia propagation

  • Osmanthus Fragrant f. Aurantiacus (Orange Flowering Tea Olive)

  • Thuja Degroots Spire

  • Ophiopogon Japonicus (Mondo Grass)

  • Taylor Juniper

  • Juniperus Virginiana Brodie

  • Leyland Cypress 15g

  • An order ready for pick up!

  • Large Trees Available!

  • Load of B&B Hollies and Hemlock

See Our Nursery

Welcome to Roebuck Wholesale Nursery. We are a wholesale and re-wholesale Nursery conveniently located adjacent to I-26 and Hwy. 221 south of Spartanburg, SC. We service customers both big and small of which include Landscape Contractors, Designers, Landscape Architects, Home Builders, Garden Centers, and Professional Gardeners.
We are a one stop shop offering Needles, mulch, stone, straw, fertilizer, bagged soil, and grass seed along with shrubs, groundcovers, grasses, perennials, and trees from 4” containers to large B&B trees. We offer beautiful locally grown plants and trees as well as a large variety of items sourced from around the United States.  Whatever you're looking for, our staff is knowledgeable and ready to serve you.
We offer call-in service to save you time picking up your orders or you can select your own plants. Scheduled deliveries are available. We serve the upstate of SC, Western NC, Charlotte Metro, and Columbia areas. We look forward to your visit!

Please notice, as a wholesale nursery we do not sell retail to the public. Please contact a local landscape professional for service.

Monday-Friday 8:00 - 5:00
Saturday 8:00 - 11:00

You can contact us at:
David Kuhn (864) 809-2940
Kelvin Fortenberry (864) 809-4194
Joey Suddeth (864) 764-0372
Bobby Simpson (864) 768-8540

We appreciate your business,
Bobby Simpson