Our Services

We offer a huge selection of plant material sourced from all over the United States.  In addition, we stock a variety of mulches, stone, seed, fertilizers and many other materials to meet any landscapers’ needs.

In addition to traditional landscaping services, we also provide irrigation, hardscaping, landscape lighting and fountain installation

The Roebuck Maintenance division engages in the routine (weekly) maintenance of primarily commercial properties.

Wholesale Nursery

One of the largest re-wholesale nurseries of its kind in the Southeast, Roebuck Wholesale Nursery provides landscape customers with a well-stocked, diverse selection of plant material and associated materials necessary to successfully implement their customer’s projects.

In the early days, legend says that the nursery was unmanned. The handful of customers who came in for plants would hand-write notes listing the items taken from stock that day.  An invoice would follow shortly thereafter…  Today, three knowledgeable sales staff assist our customers with finding the landscape materials they need.  Our plant selection includes material sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic and the South (and many places in between).  We have an unmatched variety of conifers and Japanese maples to complement the industry’s “bread and butter” plant selections that are found on many jobs.

Commercial Landscaping

From the days of only planting, grassing and mulching, we have steadily added services to meet the needs of our customers.  Irrigation services, hardscape installation, landscape lighting installation, sports field installation and fountain installation are   all services that we have added in response to client requests.  Our goal is to serve our customers well by finding ways to get them what they ask for when they ask for it.

We deploy two full-time irrigation crews and have another three or four crews who implement irrigation systems on a regular basis.  These same crews have added landscape lighting installations and fountain installations to the company’s repertoire.

As families and companies have moved their living and gathering spaces to the outdoors, we have come alongside them to implement these projects.  We have two dedicated hardscaping crews who have been involved in every aspect of hardscape work – including segmental retaining walls, dry stack walls, veneered walls, patios, fountains, etc, etc.


The maintenance division of the company grew out of clients’ needs, in many cases on the heels of our installation of their new landscape.  Our emphasis then and now is to provide a high level of customer service, to react quickly to customer needs, and to handle issues in the landscape as they arise.  Our original footprint was one four-man crew.  We now have seven crews providing weekly maintenance services and within the maintenance division offer turf care, ornamental care and sports field services.

We have several technicians on staff with horticulture degrees who have been educated, trained and experienced in addressing both turf and ornamental issues within the landscape.

Utilizing our experience in implementing sports fields and our turf manager’s experience in turf care, we are able to deploy the intellectual resources as well as the equipment and labor necessary to keep sports fields in top-shape for competition